Being aware of the items that are indicative of heroin use nearby may be helpful to prevent accidental needle sticks. While the visual presence of needles is an obvious sign of nearby use, the items listed below may be less obvious to people not paying close attention. All of these have increased dramatically since the time of the Shattuck Cottages being installed. All pictures below taken in Franklin Park.
Addipaks are sterilized water which are used to dissolve the heroin. I've seen these in blue as pictured or pink.
Syringe/needle caps are usually bright orange though they can be clear. They come in the two varieties pictured, narrow and about an inch long to cap the needle, and wide and about a half inch long to cap the plunger. These are rarely put back on the needle and are instead left in the vacinity of where there is or was a needle.
needle cap plunger cap
Trash strewn about usually including some items of clothing and gatorade bottles indicate an area of use. These are placing where there are multiple needles.
camp1 camp2
While a tourniquet may be evidence of use within the area, on its own it may not be indicative enough. Regardless, if the items above are seen, be aware there may be needles nearby and hidden.