Boston Heatmaps

Coming soon
Work in progress

Raise awareness of the situation. Contact (some of these may change after January 1st):
Your local state representative and senator
The governor's office
Michelle Wu
Your city councilor
Anyone that will listen in order to create awareness.

If you have good ideas and/or influence, my contact info is

Join neighborhood organizations and raise awareness:
Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council (GMNC)
Garrison-Trotter Neighborhood Association (Roxbury)
Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC)
Stony Brook Neighborhood Association (SNA)
Franklin Park Coalition (FPC)
Emerald Necklace Conservancy
If there are more, send me an email and I will add them.

If BMC's proposal is accepted by DCAMM, get ready to attend all BPDA meetings for the Shattuck to voice your opinion.

If you find needles in the park, use the 311 mobile app to get it cleaned up. The mobile app will add GPS coordinates making cleanup easier for those picking up the needles (Dana, Leroy, David, and company):

Written by a concerned dad living near the Williams St. entrance of Franklin Park in the Stony Brook Neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.
All correspondance can be sent to: